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    What are my safety and health responsibilities? What are the three ways to make a situation safer? To protect worker safety and health in the workplace. What is the Internal Responsibility System? The Internal Responsibility System IRS is all about...
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    Why was The Workers Compensation Act created? This Act was created to promote healthy and safe workplaces, to encourage safe and timely return to work and to provide wage compensation to workers who get injured on the job. What are the powers and...
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    Statute law is law that is written down in the form of Acts, Regulations and Orders. Statute law is made by Parliament and is intended to clearly lay down the legal standards of behaviour expected of individuals and organisations. You do not need to write all of the above to get full marks. Identify the FOUR methods of heat transfer and explain how each can cause the spread of fire.
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    Heat is transmitted through the material in this way by direct contact. So, for example, one end of a copper pipe may heat up in a room where there is a fire. The pipe will then get extremely hot by conducting heat along its entire length. Anything touching the pipe, such as a piece of paper, will also be heated up. If this takes the piece of paper above its auto-ignition temperature then the paper will ignite and burn. So hot gases from a fire will rise upwards and will heat whatever they come into contact with. If hot gases given off by a fire rise up by convection and come into contact with a ceiling light, that ceiling light will be heated up.
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    If it goes above its auto-ignition temperature it will ignite and burn. This travels in straight lines at the speed of light. If radiant heat falls onto a nearby material, it will be absorbed and will cause the material to heat up. If this heating takes the material above its auto-ignition temperature then the material will ignite and burn. So your garden shed catches alight because of its proximity to the garden bonfire simply because of the radiant heat. So burning cinders caught in the breeze get blown downwind of a forest fire and they start secondary fires ahead of the main flame front when they land in the dry grass. Outline the information that is required by an organisation to ensure that a contractor is competent to undertake a task.
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    The COHN examination is a computer-based examination, and the certification is good for five years. An applicant must have a valid RN license, as well as have 3, hours of work experience in occupational health nursing within the last five years. Up to 2, hours of time spent in a degree program related to occupational health can be applied to the work hours requirement. Print or eBook. Guaranteed to raise your score. Get started today! During the 90 days, applicants must pay the examination fee to take the COHN exam. Once the examination fee has been paid and received, the applicant then has days to schedule their examination date and time.
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    The exam is given Monday-Saturday during the year, and there are morning and afternoon appointments. To schedule the examination, applicants can contact AMP directly. It is recommended to schedule exams as soon as possible in order to receive preferred testing dates and times. The COHN exam is a computer-based exam that consists of multiple choice questions, which includes 25 pretest questions that are not scored. The categories of questions on the COHN exam are based on two factors of occupational health nursing. The four roles of occupational health nurses clinician, coordinator, advisor, and case manager form the four major question categories on the COHN exam. In addition, each of the four major categories is divided into subdivisions based on the four nursing process steps: assessment, planning, implementation, and evaluation.
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    COHN Flashcards. The final major category on the COHN exam deals with the role as case manager. Test-takers have three hours to complete the COHN exam. The COHN exam is scored by counting the number of questions answered correctly. There is no penalty for incorrect answers, however, answers that are left blank are counted as incorrect answers. Therefore, it is recommended to answer all questions on the exam. The minimum passing score on the exam is then set using the Angoff method. Exam judges estimate the probability of passing each question on the exam.
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    These probability ratings are then averaged to determine the minimum passing score. The minimum passing score is the minimum number of correctly answered questions that is required to pass the exam. This minimum passing score will vary from exam form to exam form. After taking the examination, test-takers are sent score reports in the mail. These reports indicate whether the test-taker failed or passed the examination, as well as the overall score, and a score report of performance in each core content area on the exam. Prior to taking the COHN exam, knowing the exam structure and the core content areas covered on the exam is imperative. This information can then guide pre-exam review and studies. Usually establishing a set study schedule is recommended. During the exam, it is important to answer all questions that are presented, therefore, pacing oneself during the three hour exam is important.
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    If a particular answer is not known, making an educated guess is preferred over leaving the test item blank. Check out our premium COHN study guide to take your studying to the next level. If you benefit from these materials, just click the link below! We hope you enjoy our products! Your purchase helps us make more great, free COHN certification content for test-takers just like yourself.
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    Classroom Resources What Matters Most Quiz Both workers and employers have a responsibility to work together when it comes to safety in the workplace. What actions will you take to make your workplace safe? Are you: Click if you're a worker Click if you're an employer Question 1 As you walk into work in the morning, you hear a few co-workers chatting about how things seem more dangerous at work lately, and that as far as they're concerned it's the employer's fault. Does it say that everyone at your workplace shares responsibility for keeping each other healthy and safe? Yes No Your answer: Yes That's correct! The IRS principle says we all have a level of shared responsibility for health and safety. Your answer: No It's 'Yes. As you arrive at work in the morning, you are greeted by an email from head office. There's a print budget reduction and they ask if you really need to post the safety policy - after all, you only have eight workers.
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    How do you respond? No problem, we can email it. Yes, we must post - it's required. Your answer: No problem Actually, it must be posted. A policy is required in any workplace of five or more workers, and must be prominently posted. Your answer: Yes Yes, exactly. Question 2 Going into your work area you notice that a co-worker isn't wearing his hardhat. There is a clear overhead hazard. What should you do?
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    Remind him to wear it Give him your hardhat Your answer: Remind him to wear it Yes. Part of a healthy culture is looking out for each other. Remind your co-worker about the fact PPE is needed. In fact, he could be fined for refusing to wear it. Your answer: Give him your hardhat In doing so, you'd be putting yourself at risk. Gently remind your co-worker to put on a hardhat. Your first meeting of the day is an investigation of a serious incident from last week - exploring a piece of equipment and a guard that was propped open. As the employer, is the main reason for an investigation finding out who's to blame?
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    Yes — finding who's at fault and applying a penalty is required for a workplace investigation. No — a proper investigation shows all the breakdowns and how they'll be corrected Your answer: Yes The right answer is 'no'. Investigating how health and safety measures failed will never be about one person, or one rule, or one piece of equipment. These incident investigations need to be about finding fixes, not fixing blame. To learn more visit worksafeforlife. Your answer: No That's correct! A good investigation strives to examine the root causes of all of the factors that resulted in the incident. The outcome of any investigation needs to be about finding fixes, not fixing blame. Question 3 Later in the morning you have coffee with a friend from another section — you're surprised he hasn't been trained yet on new equipment that he has to use. Safety training is both a requirement and an expectation in Nova Scotia safety law. True or False? True False Your answer: True True.
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    Your answer: False The answer is true. You have a rare lunch meeting with the owner of your business. Given the serious incident about the guard being propped open, what should you discuss with her? The details of your investigation The quality of the equipment The need for a stronger safety culture in the first place Your answer: The details of your investigation While your business owner may well be interested in the details, especially in a small workplace, you can likely handle those at the management level. As a business owner, she is in a position to build real cultural change, where safety is a core competency for all managers.
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    Your answer: The quality of the equipment Quality equipment is key, and you can address that sometime. But the key focus for your workplace leader is the underlying issue — what is it about the safety culture that led to the guard being propped open, and how can your business owner demonstrate leadership in changing that? Your answer: The need for a stronger safety culture in the first place Yes.
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    Safety starts at the top. A visible response from your leader, supported by a commitment to build a culture of safety in the workplace where shortcuts are not an option, is where your workplace's leadership focus should be — while you focus on the actual incident. Question 4 On your way to a meeting you walk past that piece of equipment and notice that one of the guards has been removed. What do you do? Lock out the machine Put it back in place, if you are qualified to do so Report it to your supervisor All of the above Your answer: Lock out the machine Yes, that's a good start. Machinery should never operate without proper guards in place. Your answer: Fix it immediately It's true that you need to address the hazard — but only once the machine has been locked out. Your answer: Report it to your supervisor Yes, a serious issue like this needs to be reported.
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    But first, you need to lock out the machine and address the immediate hazard. Your answer: All of the above That's right. Hazard identification and control hinges on addressing the immediate hazard safely and then reporting it so that it can be investigated and prevented from occurring again. In the afternoon, you're leading a toolbox talk on fall protection. Your summer students are starting and you want to train them on fall arrest. Why is this important? It could save their life Young people may not be aware of the hazards in their job It's the law — training is mandatory All of the above Your answer: It could save their life Yes, it could, and that's the most important reason.
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    But there are other reasons, too. Your answer: Young people may not be aware of the hazards in their job It's true that young workers may not have the experience of others, and may need more support with everything related to the job, including safety. But there's a better answer. Your answer: It's the law — training is mandatory Yes, that's true, it is. As of June 12, , companies on a worksite with a risk of falling from a height of more than three metres, must show proof of adequate fall-protection training.
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    But that's not the only reason it's important. Your answer: All of the above Of course. It could save their life, and, all new workers must be trained about anything that can hurt them in the workplace. And fall protection regulations were strengthened in - companies on a worksite with a risk of falling from a height of more than three metres, must show proof of adequate fall-protection training. Question 5 At the end of the day, you notice some stiffness in your back and realize it's from working in the same position for extended periods of time. You make a note to: A. Vary your position more often B. Talk to your boss about an ergonomics assessment of your workstation C.
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    Book a massage D. Both A and B Your answer: A. Vary your position more often This is good practice, along with taking breaks, stretching, changing the table height, and moving tools and equipment within easy reach. Your answer: B. Talk to your boss about an ergonomics assessment of your workstation You are your employer's most valuable asset. An ergonomic assessment allows for quality work to be completed safely and easily by fitting the job to the worker. Together, employers and workers can help make workplaces safer. Your answer: C. Book a massage Workplace safety is about getting to the root of musculoskeletal issues, or strains and sprains.
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    Simple changes in workplace design can reduce the likelihood of injury in the first place, eliminating the need for treatment. There's a better answer. Your answer: D. Both A and B On their own, each answer is correct, but both are better! Simple changes reduce the likelihood of injury, improve the job at hand and allow quality work to be completed safely and easily. As your day wraps up, you notice a hardhat that an employee turned into you, because he felt it was defective. You'd given him a replacement at the time, but he wasn't struck on the colour, and is rather attached to the one he feels is defective. As you inspect the hardhat, you determine that it's a minor issue with the sizing strap that would be relatively easy to fix. Train the employee in the use of the hardhat he prefers, and take back the one he doesn't like Do nothing, and give the hardhat to the next employee that needs it Your answer: Train the employee Yes.
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    Further, under the Occupational Health and Safety General regulations, where a person identifies any defect in personal protective equipment or devices that may impair the adequacy of the equipment or devices, the employer shall ensure that the personal protective equipment or devices are not used until they are repaired. While repair wasn't necessary in this case, you do have a requirement to train the worker on the use of PPE. Your answer: Do nothing Technically, you could do this, as you've replaced the hardhat. But your response here speaks to your company's safety culture. There's always a chance the worker will be less likely to wear it.
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    Formally, under the regulations, where a person identifies any defect in personal protective equipment or devices that may impair the adequacy of the equipment or devices, the employer shall ensure that the personal protective equipment or devices are not used until they are repaired. All Done.
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    Candidates must have at least three years of experience in the occupational hygiene or safety field. They must also have responsibilities that show occupational health or safety technical skills and knowledge. How much time do I have to complete the test? Candidates have four hours to finish the exam. How many questions are on the Occupational Hygiene and Safety Technicians test? There are multiple choice questions on the exam. What are the exam fees? The test contains seven domains, or content areas, that test knowledge and skills. This section includes fundamentals in several mathematics areas, including statistics, algebra and trigonometry; concepts in biology, physics and chemistry; financial terms; performance tracking; and benchmarking. Hazard Identification and Control is the largest exam area, accounting for more than 30 percent of the test questions.

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