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Web Programming Exam Questions And Answers

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    Do you enjoy working with other web developers to complete projects? Can you provide me with an example? What industries have you worked in as a web developer? How can your areas of experience contribute to our company? You have four projects due on...
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    Are they self-taught? Learning why a candidate chose web development can help determine their level of passion and commitment to the profession. I became fascinated the ability a web developer has to be imaginative, artistic and technical, while...
  • Top 50 Web Development Interview Questions

    My go-to tool for evaluating site speed is Google PageSpeed Insights. In one instance, I successfully reduced page load time from 2. A web developer can appreciate how it makes applications simpler and faster by reducing load times and improving communication between browsers and servers. I would love to expand my web developer skills to include Python and am currently researching the right Python course to take in my free time. A web developer may face unexpected challenges, including short turnaround times and overly-ambitious clients. Gaining a clear understanding of how a candidate handles this type of situation will help you understand their priorities and thought processes. Keeping a client pleased is a high priority, although I am not interested in producing buggy code and taking ineffective shortcuts to damage the final product. I keep the client informed of my progress and work efficiently to complete the task. Web developers use coding languages to create websites and web applications for clients.
  • Web Design Multiple Choice Questions And Answers Pdf - 1

    This process usually requires several rounds of corrections in response to client critiques, with the ultimate goal being client satisfaction. This question helps interviewers gauge a candidate's ability to handle constructive criticism. It also highlights the value a candidate places on client feedback and their ability to represent their employer in a professional way. The candidate's answer should emphasize: Devotion to the client's vision Customer service skills This is an example of how a candidate might respond to this question: Example: "Through my years of experience as a web developer, I've learned how important constructive criticism is in order to deliver products that meet a client's vision.
  • Multiple Choice Questions And Answers On Internet Programming Jobs

    When I was in an entry-level developer role, I worked on a web application project for an online store. I was really proud of my work and felt I'd done everything I could to meet the original client criteria. After two rounds of corrections, I realized that constructive feedback is a way for clients to refine their needs. Receiving constructive feedback also helped me hone my skills and learn more about the client to maximize future projects.
  • Multiple Choice Questions And Answers On Web Design

    Figure 2: 3-tier application architecture. Define SQL injection, and why it is dangerous to our web application? Explain two approaches of minimizing SQL injection threat. Question 1 Figure 3 is a table named BookInfo extracted from a database named Library. Use the table to answer this question. Figure 3: Table BookInfo Let say a user would like to find a book on security but you do not know the complete title of the book. However he remembers that the book is published by John Wiley on Create a search application to facilitate the user to find the book he needs.
  • Web Programming MCQs For Placement And Interview - Set 3

    It also has a submit button. When the user key-in all the information, and click the submit button, the result of the book search will appear at the bottom of the form. Use this table to answer all the questions. Include all fields appeared in Figure 4. The following codes are used to insert all the fields from the HTML form to the database. However there are mistakes in SQL command. Identify the mistakes and do the necessary corrections. Use the right PHP statements to extract all the information from the form in a , and use the corrected SQL command in b to insert the information to the table. Insert all the information to the database in Figure 5. The password must be encoded using md5 function before being inserted to the database. Figure 6 : The structure of database itclub.
  • Top 17 Web Developer Interview Questions & Answers

    It usually appears in the first line of code of an HTML page. Here is the list of new form elements available in HTML5. Which of the HTML5 elements support media content? Following HTML5 elements supports media content. What are various elements that provide better structuring in HTML5? Following HTML5 elements focus on improving the structuring. What is SVG and why do you use it? Its purpose is to display the vector-based graphics over the Web. The graphics use an XML format. SVG graphics are of higher quality and does not lose it even when resized. All elements and attributes of SVG support animation. And what is its default border size? It supports a no. By default, It has no border. However, it allows using CSS to change the border style. How does Canvas differ from SVG? Here are a few points elaborating the differences between Canvas and SVG. It does not allow event handlers whereas SVG does provide the support for event handlers. It works well for small rendering areas whereas SVG may perform better for large rendering areas like Google map.
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    Does HTML5 provide drag and drop facility? How do you set an image as draggable? To set an image as draggable, initialize the draggable attribute with true. HTML5 brought this new ability to store web pages within the browser cache. This web storage is not only faster than the cookies but secured too. It is capable of storing a large amount of data without compromising the performance of the website. Also, note that the cached data is not must for every server request. Instead, it gets utilized only when the page asks for it. And the web page which receives the data stored can access it. What is the difference between localStorage and sessionStorage objects? Following points describes the differences between the localStorage and sessionStorage objects.
  • HTML/CSS And JavaScript Online Test

    Web Developer Interview Questions — Part2. CSS3 Interview Questions. It has introduced a bunch of new tags to give a better user experience. Some of the features are rounded corners, animation, custom layout, and media queries. How does CSS3 support responsive web designing? CSS3 has come up with a media query feature. What is a CSS selector? What are the different types of CSS? Below are the different types of CSS. What is an ID selector? The constraint to work is that the ID should be unique within a page so that the selector can point it out correctly. To build an ID selector expression, start with a hash character, followed by the id of the element. Here is an example which selects a paragraph element using its ID. What does the class selector mean?
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    The class attribute could be a space-separated list of items, and one of those must match with the class name specified in the selector. Here is an example which selects a div and modified its style. What is the difference between an ID selector and the Class selector? An ID Selector finds and modifies the style to only a single element whereas a class selector may apply to any no. What is Grouping in CSS3? It happens by specifying all the selectors separated by commas. A child selector looks up for the child of some element.
  • CSCI 311 Spring 2021

    So, to apply the CSS styles, we can use the following syntax. How do you make border rounded with CSS3? We can apply the same style to all the sides and make the corners round. What is Webkit in CSS3? And why is it used? Here is an example of CSS using the Webkit feature. How do you enable Pagination using CSS3? What are transitions in CSS3? CSS3 transitions help to create a super easy and fast animation effect. They not only give us control to change the value of a property but also let it proceed slowly for the given duration.
  • Computer Programming Exam: Multiple Choice Quiz

    We can use the following CSS properties. It has primarily four core components. Margin — It refers to the topmost layer of the box. Border — The padding and content options work around the Border. Changing the background color can also affect the Border. Padding — It defines spacing around the box. Content — It represents the actual content to be shown. What are media queries in CSS3 and why do you use them?
  • Web Developer Interview Questions

    Media queries are one of the latest features of CSS3 used to define responsive styles for devices of different shapes and sizes. They are the powerful CSS tool which makes it easy to create responsive design for tablets, desktop, mobiles devices. For example Edit the style upon mouse hover event. Set the style when an element gets focus. What is the use of float property in CSS? With the help of float property, we can control the position and layout of elements on a web page. Which property do you use to modify the face of a font in CSS? However, there is a slight difference between the two. Please see the below example.
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    Sign up for a trial plan. Question Names These premium questions are included in this pre-built test and can be added to any multi-skill test. Please sign up for a paid plan to view the questions in detail. On our paid plan, you can easily create your own custom multi-skill tests. It's an essential skill for any programmer working with websites and web technologies. Arrays Arrays An array is a container of a fixed number of objects of a similar type. It is a fundamental component of most programming languages. Closures Closures are an important concept in any programming language in which functions are first-class citizens. It's an essential skill for anyone creating web pages of any complexity. CSS selectors CSS selectors Selectors are a programming pattern that can be used to select an element from a container. They are primarily used in technologies such as CSS and jQuery to apply styles to groups of elements. Styling Styling user interfaces according to the specification is a daily routine for a front-end developer.
  • 50 Web Developer Interview Questions (2021 Edition)

    DOM manipulation DOM manipulation Dynamically accessing and updating user interface elements is an important part of most modern web applications. Event handling Event handling Event-based design patterns are very common in modern applications, especially in the development of user interfaces. Language Language A programmer should use a language as a tool, always taking advantage of language-specific data types and built-in functions. Strings Strings The string data structure is used to represent text. It is one of the most commonly used data structures. Therefore, every programmer should be skilled at string manipulation.
  • CSE 154: Web Programming, Spring 2021

    Monkey patching Monkey patching Monkey Patching is a method of either adding new or overriding existing functionality without the creation of a new type. As such it's an important tool for developers to be familiar with. Arithmetic Arithmetic Arithmetic is a fundamental branch of mathematics. An understanding of arithmetic concepts, and their application, is important for every candidate. Iteration Iteration Iteration is the act of repeating a process, or cycling through a collection. Iteration is one of the fundamental flow control tools available to developers. Attribute manipulation Attribute manipulation Getting and setting HTML attributes is one of the most common coding tasks of that changes something on a web page. Element spacing Element spacing Setting the margins and padding of the elements on a web page is one of the basic things that any web developer or designer should know.
  • 19 Web Developer Interview Questions You Should Know

    Flexbox The Flexible Box Layout Module makes it easier to design a flexible responsive layout structure. Positioning Positioning Dynamic positioning of user interface elements depending on resolution is more important than ever in modern applications, making this important for a front-end developer. Bookmarks Bookmarks A bookmark is a hyperlink that points to a location within a document, which is defined by a name that is assigned to an element.
  • 14 Web Development Quizzes Online, Trivia, Questions & Answers - ProProfs Quizzes

    Bookmarks are used when we need to jump to a specific location within a document. Elements and attributes Defining elements and their attributes is the first process in creating an HTML page. Fonts Setting the font name or size is part of creating any web page. Dialog box Dialog box Dialog box, a small window that pops-up, is a common way for communicating information to the user and prompting them for a response. Asynchronous calls Calling methods asynchronously is a common task for programmers.
  • HTML Multiple Questions Answers -Web Technology Questions -Avatto

    Animation Animation Animation is the process in which images or objects are manipulated to appear as if they are moving. It's a powerful effect that is important for UI designers to understand and be able to use. Regex Regex A regular expression regex is a special text string for describing a search pattern. It is a common way for extracting data from text. Serialization Serialization Familiarity with data serialization to and from formats such as XML and JSON is important as it is commonly used for interprocess communication Sorting Sorting Every programmer should be familiar with data-sorting methods, as sorting is very common in data-analysis processes.
  • Web Programming Exam Questions List

    Content manipulation Adding or modifying content is the most common task when developing dynamic web pages. Forms Forms Forms provide a method of grouping inputs and collecting user data. As such, they are important for all front end developers. Objects Objects An object is a self-contained component which consists of methods and properties to make a particular type of data useful. Knowing how to create objects, and work with them, is an essential part of OOP. Tables Tables A table stores data as rows and columns.
  • 8 Web Developer Interview Questions And Answers

    From databases to HTML layouts, as a data structure they are ubiquitous. They are an important structure for developers to understand and know how to use. Callback Callback A callback is a piece of code that can be passed as an argument to another bit of code. It's a very common pattern that has a wide variety of uses, and as such it's important to understand. Bug fixing Bug fixing Everyone makes mistakes. A good programmer should be able to find and fix a bug in their or someone else's code. Classes Classes A class is one of the most widely used and primary structures used in object-oriented programming. As such it's important for any developer to have a working knowledge of how to use it. As such it's important for any JavaScript developer to understand. This is one of the most used element decorations. Inline styles Inline styles Inline styles are styles that are applied directly on elements. This is one of the ways for applying styles and for some scenarios, such as for email, is the only supported way.
  • Top 50 Web Developer Interview Questions & Answers - Intellipaat

    Recursion Recursion A good programmer should be familiar with when to use recursive functions, since they can provide elegant solutions for complex problems. Hyperlink Hyperlink Hyperlink, or simply a link, is a reference to data that the reader can follow by clicking or tapping. There's no web page without a hyperlink. Web developers often use it to display content within other content. Semantic tags Semantic tags HTML5 introduced semantic tags, which can greatly improve the level of automated analysis that can be done on documents, as well as improve the readability of HTML. Pagination Pagination Pagination is the process of dividing data into discrete pages. It can be used to reduce the overhead of fetching large quantities of data, and as such, it is important when developing systems that fetch remote data. Accessibility Accessibility Accessibility refers to the design of products, devices, services, or environments for people who experience disabilities. It's important for all designers and developers to know how to optimize for people who experience disabilities.
  • Web Developer Interview Questions And Answers -

    For a front-end developer, a knowledge of CSS layouts is required. Algorithmic thinking is one of the key traits of a good programmer, especially one working on complex or performance-critical code. Dictionary Dictionary A dictionary or associative array is a data type composed of a collection of key-value pairs, where each possible key appears at most once in the collection. It is used when we need to access items by their keys. Associative arrays Associative arrays An associative array or dictionary is a data type composed of a collection of key-value pairs, where each possible key appears at most once in the collection. JavaScript developers use timing events to delay the execution of certain code, or to repeat code at a specific interval.
  • Web Programming Question Bank With Answers - HTML MCQs And Quizzes

    Knowledge of timing events is necessary to implement features that have time as a factor. Exceptions Exceptions Exceptions exist in most modern programming languages, making it important for a programmer to understand them and know how to handle them. The design goals of XML emphasize simplicity, generality, and usability across the Internet. This is one of the most used formats for exchanging data over the web. Element size Element size Setting the size of the elements on a web page is one of the basic things that any web developer or designer should know.
  • Multiple Choice Questions And Answers On Internet Programming Jobs, Employment | Freelancer

    Knowledge of Ajax is important for web developers. As such, it's important for all developers who work on internet applications and websites to understand this. Promise Promise In JavaScript, a Promise is an object representing the eventual completion or failure of an asynchronous operation. It allows associating handlers with an asynchronous action's eventual success value or failure reason.
  • Web Technology MCQ Questions And Answers - 2

    It is one of the commonly used asynchronous programming techniques in JavaScript. Selectors Selectors Selectors are a programming pattern that can be used to select an element from a container. Responsive design Responsive design Anyone who works with web should know how to properly implement responsive web design that makes web pages render well on a variety of devices and screen sizes. Knowledge about advanced CSS features is required for seasoned front-end developers. JavaScript Developer.

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