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Legal Aspects Of Real Estate Final Exam Answers

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    They are a relatively newer school that opened back in , but they have quickly gained popularity due to their high pass rates and great reviews. Although their focus is mainly continuing education courses, they have expanded their education to every aspect of real estate licensing, from pre-licensing to business development and everything in between. They are accredited by ARELLO and have received many awards and recognitions for the short time they have been around, showing they are as reliable as the schools that have been around for decades. Courses Only This basic package prepares students to pass the licensing exam and gives them the basic knowledge and tools to start a real estate career in California.
  • California Real Estate School Traditional Correspondence Courses

    It does this through the following: Hr. Besides having all the features from the previous packages, the Value Package also comes with business building courses designed to help future real estate agents raise their business off the ground. Along with the Pass Guarantee, the Value Package also gives you three building business courses. You can test the waters of commercial real estate, build up your network, and learn tips to help build you real estate business. Premium Package The final package is the most comprehensive one that contains everything a future real estate agent needs to pass the exam and become an expert in the real estate sphere, as well as continuing education classes for the first renewal period.
  • California Real Estate License School

    This includes everything the Value Package contains, but also throws in a hour first renewal package with 18 mandatory hours and 27 hours of electives to help you figure out your path in real estate. Besides the main content, purchasing any of the offered packages will grant you access to business eBooks written by experts, a schedule to help find time to study, a real estate glossary to learn industry terms, digital flashcards, and career resources. Individual Courses Students can also purchase each of the hour mandatory courses separately through The CE Shop, specifically the following: 45 Hour Real Estate Principles Course 45 Hour Real Estate Practice Course 45 Hour Real Estate Finance Course Exam Prep Edge The exam prep is designed to give students a study experience that will help them ace the exam by giving them an initial assessment with immediate feedback about which areas the student needs to focus on more. In addition to this, the exam prep edge has dynamic practice exams that present the results in a way that will let you know which areas you should focus on more and how you have progressed on each topic.
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    Looking at Agent Advice, one of the most reliable websites to turn to for real estate school reviews, The CE Shop has an average rating of 4. What are the best parts? The best part about studying with The CE Shop is their high pass rate. They have one of the highest pass rates among online real estate schools across all of the US. This means that their courses have been proven to help students pass the exam, which shows in their reviews. What are the worst parts? The Exam Prep Edge cost can also be refunded if no initial assessment was made and the refund is requested within 30 days of purchase. Rico has been an agent and an educator in the Californian real estate sphere for years, so opening a real estate school was an ideal choice.

    Starting with a humble seven student class, CA Realty Training quickly spread to over 25 locations after seven years in business. As you may guess from their name, CA Realty Training specializes in real estate training in California. Their main focus is providing students with the best training experience by working with experienced and proven instructors with knowledge from the real estate sphere, which shows in reviews and student satisfaction. CA Realty Training has a unique way of teaching — blended classes. Students are required to complete an online course or a textbook one and then attend in-person classes taught by instructors who work or have worked as real estate agents. Upon completion of each course, students receive a CalBRE course completion certificate. The Crash Course and Online State Exam Preparation Course are designed to help students pass the real estate license exam on the first try. It also gives you access to exam-taking hints, helps you learn the key terminology needed to communicate effectively in the real estate industry, it also provides tips and tricks to memorize certain concepts, and gives you hours of crash course material to ensure you are able to pass the exam on the first try.

    It also provides more than 3, flash cards and definitions, unlimited test variations, student packets that you can take with you on the go. However, the most valuable part of this package is the live 2-day crash course that helps students make sure they are retaining the information necessary to pass the licensing exam. The CA Realty Training is constantly praised for the amazing teachers it has. In addition to that, most instructors have experience from the real estate world which they can share with students and expand their knowledge with real-life scenarios. The best part about studying with CA Realty Training is also its worst part. Students get to enjoy the expertise of professional real estate agents, but they only get it by attending in-person classes. If you have completed between the second month and third month of training, no refund will be provided. Pros: A lot of exam prep and crash course packages Free career events and resources Cons: Not everyone can attend in-person classes Only available in California RealEstateU Although RealEstateU opened in for New York State students only, quite later than most real estate schools, they have quickly gained popularity among real estate students and expanded to California, Texas, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Georgia.
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    As of date, they have had over 60, students, more than some long-standing real estate schools. Similar to most other California online real estate schools, the content of the course has the state-required courses: 45 Hour Real Estate Principles Course 45 Hour Real Estate Practice Course 45 Hour Legal Aspects of Real Estate Exam Prep The exam prep filters out all the important information found on the final licensing exam, a summarization of the key concepts, practice exams, and other tools and study aids. By going through the exam prep, students can be prepared better for the licensing exam and pass it faster and with a higher grade. Although this may seem like a lower grade than other schools, RealEstateU currently has no 1-star or 2-star rating, so it only has some areas where students consider they can improve in. I would suggest redoing the quizzes before taking the actual exam.
  • Free Real Estate Practice Exams [2021 Update]

    The one thing that was a bit tedious was having to look at a blank screen while listening to audio. I think it would make it more entertaining with a visual of anything, like maybe key points or vocabulary words. The best aspect about studying with RealEstateU is the ability to study at your own pace. All courses are taught through audio classes without tracking, so students can study whenever they want and wherever they want. As you see from the review quoted above, the most common complaint about RealEstateU is targeted at their one-dimensional delivery method. Listening to hours of audio classes was often a challenge for many students, so a lot of them would like to see a bit more interactivity in the courses.
  • Legal Aspects Of Real Estate

    Members of the California State Bar are exempt from the three courses. Just take the State exam. If you have any questions, one of our real estate license California counselors will be happy to help you. Call us at or email us at info premierschools. No sitting in a classroom for 45 hours per course yes that hours. Each course consists of a textbook and workbook and can be completed in as little as 18 days per course.
  • Legal Aspects Of Real Estate

    In 54 days you're qualified for the State exam and since the State takes 6 to 8 weeks for a test date that mean less time overall you can have a license in two to three months unlike other programs. Of course, you can take up to one year. The money you get back can go towards your prep material if you want. Or let a friend use them for a discount on the courses. Great for married couples or business partners who are both going for their licenses. Save money. If you have questions give us a call 1 You can take your open book finals exams online or a written form. Use your homework and book and that will be easy to do. If you don't pass take it again at no charge until you pass. See how you would do on the State exam and we will email you access to your free sample DRE exam!
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    Know those and you recognize the answers and pass the first time through. Exam Preparation Once you have successfully completed your 3 mandtory courses, you can apply for the state exam. Use Premier's California real estate license exam prep tools to help you prepare for and pass the California Real Estate Sales exam while you wait. Premier offers you an excellent choice of preparation tools to help you pass your California Real Estate Sales license test the first time! All the subjects on the State exams are covered in this CD set. All the subjects on the Stat exams are covered in this DVD set.
  • California Real Estate Exam Practice (Multiple Choice)

    How much can you make for real estate? Real estate is often a referral-based business. Those who are involved in the business longer typically are the most successful. What are the working conditions of a real estate? Real Estate Agents - Working Conditions. In a typical work setting, real estate agents: Have a high level of social contact. They are in constant contact with buyers, sellers, and other agents. Are often placed in conflict situations in which buyers and sellers may be rude or angry. What is the most expensive real estate in the US? What to do to sell your house successfully? The first step in learning how to sell your house without a realtor is to get a pulse on your local real estate market.
  • California Real Estate Pre-License Course Package – Access License Schools

    Choose your list price. When learning how to sell a house by owner, setting the right price for your home is one of the most important steps. Prepare and stage your house. Take listing photos. More items

    This course is approved for thirty 30 hours of Consumer Protection for license renewal. Agency - 3 Hours XXXX This course in Agency includes, as the primary focus of the course, coverage of agency relationships in a modern brokerage practice, review of duties, required disclosures and confidences and required forms, including those specified under Civil Code Section et seq. Other agency topics of current interest that are related to the activities of California real estate licensees are included in this course.
  • Free Real Estate Practice Exam | ADHI Schools

    The student will learn: agents have broad or limited power; how agencies are created; full disclosure; fiduciary responsibility; due care and loyalty. Also covered in this course are implied power and express authority. This course is approved for three 3 hours in the Agency category for license renewal. This course also covers the ethical standards of real estate professional organizations, institutes, societies, etc.
  • California Legal Aspects Of Real Estate Exam Questions To Pass Tests!

    Laws set the minimum standard of acceptable human behavior. Ethics go far beyond the law and determine not if an action is legal, but whether it is right or just. Ethics, in fact, precede the law. Actions that formerly were legal but unethical are not often illegal. Court decisions have been applying the precepts of ethics to activities of real estate and determining that legal duties exist where no duties formerly were recognized. This course is approved for three 3 hours in the Ethics category for license renewal. Fair Housing - 3 Hours XXXX The Fair Housing course should provide real estate licensees with: knowledge of Federal and State fair housing laws relating to the sale and rental of real estate; knowledge of selected Federal and State civil rights and anti-discrimination laws relating to real property transactions and business establishments; the ability to avoid practices that could be considered discriminatory in commercial and residential transactions and facilities; an understanding of the Voluntary Affirmative Marketing Agreement VAMA and its application in the real estate industry; and the desire to commit to affirmative compliance with the fair housing laws.
  • Top Online Real Estate School For 25+ Years

    The main emphasis of this course will be on covering the Federal and State fair housing laws relating to the sale and rental of real property. By covering these laws, subtopics such as redlining, advertising, refusing to show property, blockbusting, etc. This course is approved for three 3 hours in the Fair Housing category for license renewal. Topics include: how to establish policies, rules, and procedures including systems to review, inspect and manage offices; supervision of all transactions involving a real estate licensee; retaining and reviewing documents which may have a material effect upon the rights or obligations of a party in a transaction; the proper filing, storage and maintenance of documents; and proper handling of trust funds.
  • Free Real Estate Practice Exams [] | + Questions

    The course also covers: advertising of any service for which a license is required; familiarizing salespersons with the requirements of federal and state laws relating to the prohibition of discrimination; regular and consistent reports of licensed activities of salespersons. Risk Management - 3 Hours XXXX The Risk Management course should provide the student with knowledge of the principles, practices, and procedures calculated to avoid errors and omissions in the practice of real estate licensed activities, and the ability to recognize and resolve issues, and appropriately handle situations that most frequently result in litigation. Risk Management can be applied to a wide range of functions and activities including negligence, negligent misrepresentation, intentional misrepresentation, fraud, constructive fraud, breach of fiduciary duty, breach of contract, violation of Business and Professionals Code Section et seq.
  • California Real Estate Pre-License Course Package

    This course is approved for three 3 hours in the Risk Management category for license renewal. Trust Funds - 3 Hours XXXX The Risk Management course should provide the student with knowledge of the principles, practices, and procedures calculated to avoid errors and omissions in the practice of real estate licensed activities, and the ability to recognize and resolve issues, and appropriately handle situations that most frequently result in litigation.
  • Real Estate License Los Angeles California | Premier Schools

    Topics included in the course are: trust funds vs. This course is approved for three 3 hours in the Trust Funds category for license renewal. Course materials are provided in a static format according to DRE Regulation Final Examinations are NOT downloadable or printable. No materials will be provided in a tangible format for Continuing Education. Etextbooks or course outlines are provided in a static print format PDFs and can be downloaded and printed in accordance with DRE Regulation Students must continue until the entire Incremental Assessment module is completed.
  • EP Real Estate Online School – Continuing Education – Course Descriptions

    After the module is completed, students may repeat the Incremental Assessment exercise. Upon completion of your Incremental Assessments, the online program will produce your score in a Summary Remediation Report. The Summary Remediation Report will help you learn from your answer selections. All Incremental Assessment questions are provided in an open book online format. All Incremental Assessment questions are provided in a multiple choice format. Incremental Assessments will be enabled by Executive Programs Advisors.
  • California Real Estate License School | Real Estate Express

    When you log back in, you will be able to continue your Assessment questions where you last left. You will be given three 3 opportunities to answer the Assessment question correctly before the online program moves you to the next logical unit of reading material. For a correspondence course that uses static print delivered in electronic media, a maximum of eight 8 hours reading time per day shall be utilized in calculating the number of days that must lapse from the time the participant has had access to the course material until the Final Examination can be accessed.

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