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    Click here to add your address to the mailing list. Questions or press inquiries? Small businesses can connect with the manager for their part of the state at delbiz. For more information on DE Relief Grants, visit delbiz. New safety measures allow...
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    If barriers are used: Must be at least 6 feet in height and start no more than 2 feet from the floor. Must be wide enough to provide coverage for people seated at the table. Can be installed for this purpose, but walls, booths, etc. Please send...
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    How the exam scores are calculated? After the completion of your exam, the points you earned on each question are totaled and then compared with the cut score to determine whether the result is pass or fail. Do you provide any preparation guidance for this certification exam? Yes our experts frequently blog about the tips and tricks for exam preparation. In case you are not able to clear the exam for then you can request for the full refund. For how long is the license valid after purchase? Once purchased, the practice exams can be access for the lifetime. Do you offer any discount on the bulk purchase? You can reach the testprep training Helpdesk for more details. The member of support staff will respond as soon as possible. TestprepTraining provides unique sets of questions that will help you check your skills and knowledge in performing data analysis on Excel.
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    These practice questions will help you increase your knowledge for better preparation of exam. Is there any negative marking in the exam? There will be no negative marking for wrong answers. What is the application procedure for the exam? Application for examination should be registered online from the Institute's website www. The schedule of examination and dates for registration will be published on IIBF website. What is the fee structure for the exam? There will only be multiple choice questions in the exam. What is passing criteria for the exam? What are the main topics covered in the exam?
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    There will be approx 90 questions which have to be completed in 90 minutes. Who should take the exam? Candidates who want to become collections, recovery, or repossession agents contract with a business to collect a debt or work in a collections or repossession agency. Tasks included will be to locate and recover property, collections agents must possess skills in communication, negotiation, and investigation. Is there any assistance from Testprep Training in terms of exam preparation? Yes, Testprep Training offers email support for any certification related query while you are preparing for the exam using our practice exams. Your query will be handled by experts in due course.

    Received Dec 30; Accepted Nov This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. Abstract We manipulated relative reinforcement for problem behavior and appropriate behavior using differential reinforcement of alternative behavior DRA without an extinction component. Seven children with developmental disabilities participated. We manipulated duration Experiment 1 , quality Experiment 2 , delay Experiment 3 , or a combination of each Experiment 4 , such that reinforcement favored appropriate behavior rather than problem behavior even though problem behavior still produced reinforcement.
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    Results of Experiments 1 to 3 showed that behavior was often sensitive to manipulations of duration, quality, and delay in isolation, but the largest and most consistent behavior change was observed when several dimensions of reinforcement were combined to favor appropriate behavior Experiment 4. Results suggest strategies for reducing problem behavior and increasing appropriate behavior without extinction. One of the most frequently used of these procedures is the differential reinforcement of alternative behavior DRA.
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    Pretreatment identification of the reinforcers that maintain problem behavior i. In addition, the reinforcer maintaining problem behavior can be delivered contingent on the occurrence of an alternative, more appropriate response. Although extinction is an important and powerful component of DRA, it is, unfortunately, not always possible to implement it Fisher et al.
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    For example, a caregiver may be physically unable to prevent escape with a large or combative individual, leading to compromises in integrity of escape extinction. It would also be difficult to withhold reinforcement for behavior maintained by attention in the form of physical contact if physical blocking is required to protect the individual or others. For example, if an individual's attention-maintained eye gouging is a threat to his or her eyesight, intervention is necessary to protect vision. For example, Fisher et al. FCT was more effective at reducing problem behavior when extinction was included, and the largest and most consistent reduction was observed when punishment was included. Hagopian et al. McCord, Thomson, and Iwata found that DRA without extinction had limited effects on the self-injurious behavior of two individuals, one whose behavior was reinforced by avoidance of transition and another whose behavior was reinforced by avoidance of transition and avoidance of task initiation.
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    In both cases, DRA with extinction and response blocking produced sustained decreases in self-injury. These examinations of research on DRA without extinction have shown a bias in responding toward problem behavior when the rate and immediacy of reinforcement of problem and appropriate behavior are equivalent. When considering variables that contribute to the effectiveness or ineffectiveness of DRA without extinction as a treatment for problem behavior, it is helpful to conceptualize differential reinforcement procedures in terms of a concurrent-operants arrangement e. Concurrent schedules are two or more schedules in effect simultaneously. The matching law provides a quantitative description of responding on concurrent schedules of reinforcement Baum, ; Herrnstein, In general, the matching law states that the relative rate of responding on one alternative will approximate the relative rate of reinforcement provided on that alternative.
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    Consistent with the predictions of the matching law, some studies have reported reductions in problem behavior without extinction when differential reinforcement favors appropriate behavior rather than problem behavior Piazza et al. For example, Worsdell et al. Five individuals whose problem behavior was reinforced by social positive reinforcement were first exposed to an FCT condition in which both problem and appropriate behavior were reinforced on fixed-ratio FR 1 schedules. During subsequent FCT conditions, reinforcement for problem behavior was made more intermittent e. Four of the participants showed shifts in response allocation to appropriate behavior as the schedule of reinforcement for problem behavior became more intermittent. There were several limitations to this research.
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    For example, reinforcement rate was thinned in the same order for each participant such that reductions in problem behavior may have been due in part to sequence effects. In addition, the reinforcement schedule was thinned to FR 20 for two individuals. For these two participants, problem behavior rarely contacted reinforcement. The schedule in these cases may have been functionally equivalent to extinction rather than intermittent reinforcement. Nevertheless, these results suggest that extinction may not be a necessary treatment component when the rate of reinforcement favors appropriate behavior rather than problem behavior. In another example of DRA without extinction, Piazza et al. Three individuals whose problem behavior was sensitive to negative reinforcement break from tasks and positive reinforcement access to tangible items, attention, or both participated.
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    Piazza et al. For two of the three participants, appropriate behavior increased and problem behavior decreased when appropriate behavior produced a s break with access to tangible items and problem behavior produced a s break. The authors suggested that one potential explanation for these findings is that the relative rates of appropriate behavior and problem behavior were a function of the relative value of the reinforcement produced by escape. It is unclear, however, whether the intervention would be effective with individuals whose problem behavior was sensitive to only one type of reinforcement. Together these and other studies have shown that behavior will covary based on rate, quality, magnitude, and delay of reinforcement. Although previous research suggests that extinction may not always be a necessary component of differential reinforcement treatment packages, as described above there were certain limitations inherent in previous investigations.
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    In addition, there has not been a comprehensive analysis of several different reinforcement dimensions both singly and in combination. The current study sought to extend this existing research by examining the influence of multiple dimensions of reinforcement and by incorporating variable-interval VI reinforcement schedules. Interval schedules are less likely than ratio schedules to push response allocation exclusively toward one response over another. Under interval schedules, reinforcer delivery is maximized by varying response allocation across alternatives MacDonall, If responding favors one response alternative over another under an interval schedule, this would indicate a bias in responding that is independent of the schedule of reinforcement. This bias would not be as easily observable during ratio schedules of reinforcement. In the current application, an interval schedule allowed us to identify potential biases in responding that were independent of the reinforcement schedule.
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    In addition, the application of a VI schedule mimics, to a degree, the integrity failures that could occur in the natural environment. In the natural environment, caregivers may not always implement extinction procedures accurately. They also may fail to implement reinforcement procedures accurately Shores et al. Therefore, it may be important to identify a therapeutic differential reinforcement procedure that is effective despite intermittent reinforcement of both appropriate and problem behavior. The use of concurrent VI schedules in the current experiments allowed the examination of the effects of failure to withhold reinforcement following every problem behavior and failure to reinforce every appropriate behavior in a highly controlled analogue setting. We evaluated several manipulations that could be considered in the event that extinction either cannot or will not be implemented. In Experiments 1 to 3, we manipulated a single dimension of reinforcement such that reinforcement favored appropriate behavior along the lines of duration Experiment 1 , quality Experiment 2 , or delay Experiment 3.
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    In Experiment 4, we combined each of these dimensions of reinforcement such that reinforcement favored appropriate behavior. These were the first seven individuals who engaged in problem behavior sensitive to socially mediated reinforcement as identified via functional analysis and were admitted to an outpatient clinic Justin, Henry, Corey, Kenneth, Lana or referred for behavioral consultation services at local elementary schools George, Clark. See Table 1 for each participant's age, diagnosis, problem behavior, and appropriate behavior. We selected the targeted appropriate behavior for each participant based on the function of problem behavior. For example, if an individual engaged in problem behavior to access attention, we selected a mand for attention as the appropriate behavior. Targeted response forms were in the participants' repertoires, although the behavior typically occurred at low rates. Table 1 Open in a separate window Session rooms in the outpatient clinic 3 m by 3 m were equipped with a one-way observation window and sound monitoring.
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    We conducted sessions for George and Clark in a classroom at their elementary schools. The rooms for all participants contained materials necessary for a session e. With the exception of the final experimental condition assessing generality, no other children were in the room during the analyses with George and Clark. Trained clinicians served as therapists and conducted sessions 4 to 16 times per day, 5 days per week. Sessions were 10 min in duration, and there was a minimum 5-min break between each session.
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    We used a multielement design during the functional analysis and a reversal design during all subsequent analyses. Observers in the outpatient clinic sat behind a one-way observation window. Observers in the school sat out of the direct line of sight of the child. All observers collected data on desktop or laptop computers that provided real-time data and scored events as either frequency e. Observations were divided into s bins, and observers scored the number or duration of observed responses for each bin. The agreement scores for bins were then averaged across the session. We assessed interobserver agreement for problem behavior aggression, disruption, inappropriate sexual behavior and appropriate behavior compliance and mands of all participants and for the therapist's behavior, which included therapist attention, delivery of tangible items, and escape from demands.
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    Stimulus Preference Assessment We conducted a paired-stimulus preference assessment for each participant to identify a hierarchy of preferred items for use in the functional analysis Fisher et al. We used informal caregiver interviews to select items used in the preference assessments, and a minimum of six items were included in the assessments. Functional Analysis We conducted functional analyses prior to the treatment evaluation. His aggression was severe and primarily directed toward therapists' heads; therefore, a blocking procedure was in place throughout the functional analysis for the safety of the therapist.
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    Blocking consisted of a therapist holding up his arm to prevent a hit from directly contacting his head. During the functional analysis, four test conditions attention, tangible, escape, and ignore were compared to a control condition play using a multielement design. Figure 1 shows response rates of problem behavior during the functional analyses for Justin, Corey, Kenneth, and Henry.
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    We collected data for aggression and disruption separately and obtained similar results for each topography for all participants; therefore, both topographies were combined in these data presentations. We obtained similar results for inappropriate sexual behavior for Justin, which we combined with aggression and disruption.
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    Will holding my hit longer make me higher? The short answer is No. In reality, this claim does not hold water. What you are holding off is just smoke. Will CBD get me high? CBD is considered a non-psychoactive substance which means that it does not have the capacity to get you high. What it can do though is help you with anxiety and pain. This is not uncommon as it can be found in the Harlequin strain 3. How long does cannabis stay in my body system? This is a relative question, as it depends on certain factors. While I will also like to give you a definitive answer, there is no exact science to this one. Even though you return to a normal state after hours of being high, weed can still be detected in your body days after. Traces of weed can be found in the urine, 2 — 12 weeks of last use.
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    That is little compared to hair drug test which can be used to determine when someone has used weed as far back as the last year. What is THC? Almost every article you read about weed has a mention of the abbreviation THC in it. So, what does that really mean? THC is an acronym for Tetrahydrocannabinol , it is the most active psychoactive ingredient that is found in cannabis. That is something of a feat since we have no less than cannabinoids present in weed. That being said, THC is responsible for the high that you feel after consuming weed. Thus, its percentage in weed strains will determine how strong that strain will be. It is worthy of note that THC will remain inactive in cannabis until it is heated up. That is why a high can only be obtained by smoking or by consuming cooked edibles — both processes require some application of heat 5.
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    How long can weed seeds be stored for? Under proper storage conditions, cannabis seeds can be kept for between 3 — 5 years during which they will still maintain their optimal conditions. The quality of the seeds after storage will be dependent on such factors as exposure to light and moisture content in the storage vessel. Where does the cannabis plant pick its origins from?
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    Both the Indica and Sativa strains of the cannabis plant find their origins in Asia. They are believed to have been first discovered around the Himalayas and also come from the same plant type. Does getting high before exercising increase endurance? Getting high before going on a workout routine is great for more reasons than one. On the one hand, weed helps raise metabolism levels and contributes to faster muscle recovery after the exercise session.
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    THC reduce anxiety in the brain and also increase stamina levels 8. Where can I get a medical marijuana card? There are two ways to get a medical marijuana card. You can either go to a doctor in your area or get it online. Personally, I think getting it on the internet is easier than having to show up in person. The best part about applying for a card on the internet is that you can get a PDF copy of your card sent to your mailbox in a matter of minutes. Some dispensaries will accept this PDF copy from you while others will prefer you have the real deal.
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    In that case, you need just wait a couple more days and you are set. Can I abuse weed? Yes, you can. The fact that cannabis is deemed non-addictive does not mean that it cannot be abused. If you observe that you are using more than you should i. That could be signs of substance abuse. Is weed stronger today than it was in the past? Perhaps you have heard marijuana enthusiasts say that the weed that is consumed these days is much different from those in the past. Beleive it or not but it is true. Is weed a gateway drug? Saying weed is a gateway drug is one of the tactics used by prohibitionists to fight against its use.
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    You can find out more details here What are the most common ways of consuming cannabis? There are two main ways in which cannabis can be consumed either for recreational or medical purpose. The first is by smoking it and that has been around for a while. The second is by consuming the cannabis in form of edibles. These edibles can be made at home or they can be bought from medical marijuana dispensaries.
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    Are cookies the only form of edibles? It is surprising that many would think cookies and brownies are the only marijuana edibles. These days, dispensaries now pack a variety that includes ice cream, cereal, candy, chips, snacks, and hummus, to mention but a few. The medical marijuana industry even caters to the special edible needs of patients. For example, they have introduced vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free and organic fair diets — edibles. Where can I get marijuana seeds? Of all the processes involved in growing your own marijuana, getting the seeds is the easiest. If you are just starting out and with minimal knowledge, it is advisable that you go with seeds you find in your buds.
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    Referred to as bagseeds, a lot of variations can happen here. You can end up with a product that is absolutely stunning or one too weak for comfort. You will be in more luck if you happen to live in an area where a grower can be found nearby. Did weed become more potent? Weed has always been potent. What mainly changed is the knowledge people now have about it. Due to minimal knowledge about the plant, the shipments were usually a mixture of leaves, stem, and flowers. Learn the differences between good weed vs bad weed. Does weed always cause paranoia?
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    Paranoia is just a side effect of weed and it is not common across all strains. THC is the main culprit when it comes to being paranoid after using weed. It is advisable that you check all the possible side effects of strains before you try them at all. For help on that, see our article on marijuana strains a-z What is the safest way to consume marijuana? That would have to be eating it. Consuming marijuana in the form of edibles does not involve any smoke neither does it bring particulates with it. However, a concern for most is in the proper regulation of dosage. This can lead to there being a high that is too strong for some and weak for others. An alternative is thus vaporization which is also better than plain old smoking of the plant. The downside is that vaping brings particulates with it. How can I reduce my high quickly?
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    If you want to reduce your high immediately after consuming marijuana, perhaps because you are scared by the initial effects especially the heart racing part. There are a couple of things you can do to help subside the effects. Citrus contains terpenes which help to reduce the unwanted effects of the weed Can smoking weed impair reproductive functions in men? It is a well-known fact that smoking cannabis leads to cases of low sperm count in men. It can also cause a reduction in the sperm function for men too. Please, see our article on marijuana and sex and CBD oil for sex. Where can I get a medical marijuana doctor? If you happen to live in a country where marijuana has been legalized , you are in luck.
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    A simple Google search will lead you to the bulk of medical marijuana-trained personnel in your immediate area. A look at the patient reviews and comments section though would help you separate the brightest from the inexperienced. Make sure that even after getting the best-reviewed doctors, you ensure they are the right person for you. Some doctors are better suited to some individual needs than others. Keep that in mind
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    Request an appointment with our office today. Send us an email or give us a call. Featured Eye Resources Learn More About Eye Exams Unlike a vision screening or other general eye test, comprehensive eye exams evaluate the entire health of the eye. They also help the optometrist or ophthalmologist determine your unique prescription. Comprehensive eye exams should begin as an infant to ensure proper eye and vision development. Ongoing eye health examinations at regular intervals are also important as many eye diseases and vision changes can occur without warning signs.
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    When children start growing into teenagers and young adults, parents often agonize over when their children are ready for these newer and greater responsibilities. Tears are necessary for maintaining the health of the front surface of the eye and for providing clear vision. Dry eye syndrome is a common and often chronic problem, particularly in older adults. Vision Therapy Learn More About Vision Therapy Vision therapy is similar to physical therapy, but instead of a joint or muscle, it works with the eyes and brain.
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    There is a neurological component with this kind of therapy because the eyes are an extension of the brain. If either of these organs are not working properly, vision will be difficult or non-existent. Call us today or visit our appointment request page to find a time that is convenient for you to see us.
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